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To enable the auto - translate feature of the CLTools, you need to subscribe to Microsoft Translator.

This is a service is dilivered by Windows Azure Marketplace. It's free for  2 million characters per month.

How to :

1) Create a account on the the Windows Azure Marketplace with your Live ID and subscribe to Microsoft Translate (on the bottom you find the free offer) :

2) Register your application in the Windows Azure Marketplace

To register your application with Azure DataMarket, visit using the LiveID credentials from step 1, and click on “Register”. In the “Register your application” dialog box, you can define your own Client ID and Name. The redirect URI is not used for the Microsoft Translator API. However, the redirect URI field is a mandatory field, and you must provide a URI to obtain the access code. A description is optional.
Take a note of the client ID and the client secret value.

3) Add your ClientId and ClientSecret to the web.config of your Dotnetnuke  installation.


........................ <add key="MSTranslatorClientId" value="my client id"/>
<add key="MSTranslatorClientSecret" value="my client secret"/>



 For more info :

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