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Localization features

On page level :

  • Modify page name, title and description
  • Modify the "Translated" status of the page
  • Copy page to other languages
  • Ready to translate : copy all modules from default language to other languages
  • Publish the page

On module level

  • Modify module title
  • Modify the "Is Detached" status
  • Modify the "Translated" status
  • Copy a module from a other language
  • Correct errors (generated by "Module on all pages" and "Copy existing module")

Auto-Translate (with Microsoft Translate) :

  • Automatic  translation of all texts of settings (page name, title, description and module title) 
  • Automotic translation of HTML module content

Remarks :

  • auto translation of settings is done for page & all modules settings with page not marked as translated.
  • auto translation of HTML module content is done for modules with module not marked as translated.

Non localization features



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