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Project Description
Dotnetnuke Content Localization Tools makes it easier for site administrators to update there muli-language website. It give you the possibility to edit page name, title, description and module title for all languages side by side. read more...

Its just an new UI for the core content localization (It dont create new db tables).

New in v00.02.00 : Auto-Translate of page name, title, description and module title

New in v00.03.00 :

Auto-Translate for HTML modules with Microsoft Translate
Chose the colums to display
Copy page (when all localized pages are not created)
Ready to translate

New in v00.04.00 :

 Copy module work again (bug fix)

New in v00.05.00 

Make Auto-Translate safer by selecting the languages
New cancel link to close de popup (no auto close anymore)
Bug corrections :
Layout impovements
Better handeling of modules present in reclycle bin 

New in v01.00.00 

Bug correction in the rendering of the colums in DNN 7

Changing the All pages checkbox behaviour from hover to click to show the pages

System Requirments

Dotnetnuke 6.1.1 and above

Core Content Localization enabled (how to) this operation cannot be reverted!!!

Get Started

1) Download the install package

You can choose to install it as a module 2) or as a ribbonbar item 3) or the two.

2) Install de module and add it to a page in admin menu (screenshot)

3) Install the skinobject to add a Lacalization item on the Ribbonbar (screenshot above)

Add registration command on the top of your ascx skin file

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="CLTOOLS" Src="~/DesktopModules/CLTools/CLRibbonbar.ascx" %>
Add the skin object just afer the register commands on the top of your ascx skin file
<dnn:CLTOOLS id="dnnCLTOOLS" runat="server"></dnn:CLTOOLS>

4) Optional : Enable Auto-Translate with Microsoft Translate (how to)

Help improve

For the moment we appreciate your help on :

  • Feedback on your tests of the Beta release

Use the Discussions area and the Issue Tracker for your Feedbacks


  • Auto-translation of Text/Html module content
  • One click Add/Remove translator editor role for page & modules

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