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Localized modules are not copying or sharing on all pages correctly.


I built and provide web maintenance on a DotNetNuke 07.02.01 multilingual site. The site currently is supporting 5 different languages - English US (native), English UK, French, Polish, and German. For any language other than the native language, I am coming across a couple issues while copying modules over from the native language. They are the following:
  1. Some modules, at random, will copy over but the option to have them marked as attached/detached or translated does not appear. This causes the copied module to be attached to the native language module so it cannot be fully localized or changed without the changes being reflected on the native language side.
  2. When copying over a module from the native language that is marked to display on all pages, for instance a footer module I would like to appear in all languages in the same region, does not display on all pages correctly. This causes even more issues because I can no longer properly display certain modules across the site and I cannot update them all at once.
Has this issue been addressed before? Or, is there a specific way I should attack this issue to resolve it?

Thank you.